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Texas SnowbellMission Statement: The Nueces Canyon Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting regional economic growth, advancing business opportunities, and cultivating prosperous communities.

The year-round activities available in the beautiful Nueces Canyon Texas Hill Country make this area a major travel destination.  The Nueces Canyon covers portions of Real, Edwards, and Uvalde counties along Texas 55 and Ranch Road 335 on the western fringe of the Hill Country.  Photography, camping, cycling, spelunking, hiking, birding, fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding, hunting, ultra-lite flying, hang gliding, paragliding, stargazing, searching for artifacts and fossils, or simply relaxing in the Nueces Canyon region will be an exciting and memorable adventure.

The Nueces Canyon is the travel hub to many nearby attractions such as Briscoe – Garner Museum and historic Janie Slaughter Briscoe Opera House in Uvalde, Garner State Park in Concan which hosts a dance tradition started in 1941, Lost Maples State Natural Area near Vanderpool yields hiking, birding, photography, and nature study, the Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area in Rocksprings boasts Mexican free-tailed bat emergence tours during summer mornings and evenings, and Kickapoo Cavern State Park is located near Brackettville.  In Camp Wood, you will find Lindberg Park and Mission San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz State Historic Site.  No buildings are still standing at the site, but wall foundations are visible and an interpretive map and walking tour are available.  In June of 2017, the Texas Historical Association is scheduled to conduct another excavation of the site.  A diorama of the site created by the Texas Memorial Museum at The University of Texas can be viewed at the Chamber office and museum along with other museum artifacts from local Nueces Canyon family heirloom donations.  The damaged propeller from Lindbergh’s plane is also on display.  Call in advance for reservations to view the diorama and museum.  There is no fee and donations are appreciated.

Texas SnowbellThe Nueces Canyon area is part of the region known as the “Land of 1,100 Springs” featuring the headwaters of the Nueces River, one of Texas’ clearest streams, fed by the numerous springs and creeks.  You are always moments away from your favorite swimming or fishing hole.  Alonso De León named the canyon’s river Río de las Nueces, the River of Nuts, after the abundant pecan trees growing along its banks.

Fly-fishing the Nueces River may yield the native Guadalupe bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or pan fish such as the Rio Grande perch, rock bass, redbreast sunfish, and green sunfish.  Floating, kayaking, and canoeing are enjoyed year-round.

The Nueces Canyon also boasts rare native flora and fauna species.  The Coppery Dancer and Comanche Dancer damselfly’s U.S. range is limited to a handful of Hill Country areas.  Since their prime nesting grounds are on the Edwards Plateau, the endangered black-capped vireo and golden-cheeked warbler can be viewed here.  The threatened Texas snowbells, Texas wild rice, Tobusch fishhook cactus, Rock quillwort, and the delicate Basin bellflower are Hill Country inhabitants.
Historical markers are located throughout the area, which was formerly the territory of the Comanche and Lipan-Apache tribes and prehistoric civilizations.  The area is rich in fossils and Native American artifacts.  The marker for San Lorenzo De La Santa Cruz Mission, founded by the Franciscan missionaries in 1762, is located in the Nueces Canyon adjacent to the town of Camp Wood.  Archeologists from the Texas Memorial Museum excavated the site in 1962 yielding Native American remains and artifacts as well.  The Texas Historical Association will conduct another excavation in June 2017.

Texas SnowbellThe elevations of the Hill Country range from 500 to 2,250 feet above sea level.  The karst topography is reminiscent of France, Andalusia, and Ireland’s west coast.  Agate, jasper, cinnabar, fluorite, topaz, calcite, opal, petrified wood, and tektites are stones that are commonly collected by lapidarian enthusiasts visiting Texas and are used in jewelry making, art pieces, and stained glass designs by local canyon artisans.  The limestone deposits of Central Texas and the Edwards Plateau are good locations to search for calcite-filled geodes.  Biface prehistoric tools are frequently found in caches in this region.  Edwards Plateau chert is abundant.  You may even find an antler remnant used as a soft hammer in flint knapping.

The Hundred Mile Loop encompasses rolling hills, steep cliffs, breathtaking drop-offs, multiple serpentine curves, and serene valley views along RR 335, RR 336, and RR 337 which have made the Three Sisters a must see destination for the motoring and cycling enthusiast. Ride Texas magazine voted RR 337 as the number one road to ride in Texas and the Nueces Canyon area the third most popular motorcycle ride in the state.  For the same reasons the Nueces Canyon is a favored area of bicycling enthusiasts, and it is an official part of the Southern Tier 4 bicycle route.  The Hill Country is known as the cycling capital of Texas.  The gorgeous scenery and challenging terrain is excellent cycling.

Texas SnowbellThe area is steeped in a rich history of sheep and goat ranching.  Local artisans still produce mohair textiles recognized internationally.  Some of the best exotic and native species game hunting in the state is found in Nueces Canyon.  Whitetail deer, angora, bobcat, red stag, fallow deer, puma, javelina, Russian boar, axis deer, black buck antelope, aoudad, and Rio Grande turkeys roam the canyon.  You might see camels, kangaroos, zebras, or giraffes while touring the canyon’s exotic ranches.  Hill Country exotic game ranches are credited with helping repopulate such endangered species as the Scimitar Horned Oryx and Dama gazelle.  Local grocers and merchants have some of the tastiest native and exotic jerky and cuts of meat you have ever basted, roasted, barbequed, or tasted.

Whether your Nueces Canyon destination is in Barksdale, Camp Wood, Montell, or Vance, we are sure you will find the perfect Hill Country hideaway, sporting adventure, restaurant delight, and Texas sized warm welcome.  Hope to see you soon and often!




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